Lot #1


BD: Feb.17/19 BW: 100lbs Sale Wt: TBA
Sire: Walks Alone Dam: DRSS 61A
In 12 years we have offered a lot of steers and heifers in this sale. This is the first red calf to ever be offered in a BFDM sale. We pride ourselves on consistant solid coloured black cattle but when they are good they are good and we are proud to include this unique individual in the sale.
He is huge hipped, deep sided, clean fronted and has hair to clip on for days. He will be a standout next spring in the jackpot shows.
Lot #2
BD: Mar 10/19 BW: 90lbs Sale Wt: TBA
Sire: Yardley Big Step B382 
Dam: DRSS Miss Predator 103B
This is a fantastic Big Step son out of a no miss cow here at DRSS. The 103B cow is a Predator daughter and she produces  deep sided, stylish eye appealing calves every year.
This steer will surely tip the scales next spring. 
Lot #3
BD: Apr 17/19 BW: 90lbs Sale Wt: TBA
Sire: DRSS Big Step 160D
Dam: DRSS Miss 169C
This April born calf is full of grow and style. If you want to standout in a class next spring this calf has the prescense to get you noticed. He is long sided, big hipped and has great bone. 
Lot #4
BD: Feb. 3/19 BW: 77lbs Sale Wt: TBA
Sire: Comfort Zone
Dam: DRSS Miss 149D
We have used Comfort Zone heavily here and with great reason when they produce calves like this. A steer with great muscle expression and style. He is as quiet as they come and would be perfect for a junior member!
Lot #5
BD: Feb. 16/19 BW: 89lbs Sale Wt: TBA
Sire: Maine Man
Dam: DRSS Miss 82U
The 82U cow has been a fan favourite of everyone who has toured our herd. She has produced BFDM sale steers, replacement females and herd bulls for us. This steer will follow in the footsteps of his brothers and sisters. He is clean fronted, long sided and deep flanked. He is also puppy dog quiet and perfect for a junior member.
Lot #6
BD: Feb. 14/19 BW: 95lbs Sale Wt: TBA
Sire: Comfort Zone
Dam: DRSS Miss 161C
Another Comfort Zone steer with huge prescence and potential. He is thick topped and long bodied with great hair. He will be a contender next spring down the show road.


Lot #7 - 271G
BD: Jan. 30/19 BW: 80lbs %: 5/8
REG#: Pending Sale Wt: TBA
Sire: Yardley Big Step B382
Dam: DRSS Miss K2 101B
TH/PHA: Free
Here is a super fancy high percentage Big Step daughter.
The K2 cow has produced several sale heifers for us including our Fall Fusion consignment a few years ago that sold to K Cow Ranch. This heifer will be a great show heifer and a great cow down the road just like her momma.
This heifer is one we really considered retaining this year, but we know we can not keep them all!
DRSS Miss K2 101B 
​Dam of Lot #7

Lot #8 - 298G
BD: Mar 1/19 BW: 90lbs %: 5/8
REG#: Pending Sale Wt: TBA
Sire: Yardley Big Step B382
Dam: DRSS Miss Double Barrel 56A
TH/PHA: Free
The full brother to this heifer was part of our NWSS bull pen last year. His epd numbers were outstanding and we will update the sale information when this heifers become available. A March heifer with great style and grace when she gets out and moves. Take a good hard look at this high percentage Big Step daughter whose momma is a moderate framed Halls Crossing 454W daughter.
Halls Crossing 454W 
Maternal Grand Sire to Lot #8