3/4 Polled MAINE ANJOU

AMAA# 481991 BD: Feb. 17/17
Homo Polled \\ Homo Black \\TH/PHA Free

Two exceptional individuals have produced Dynasty.
If performance, function and muscle are what you are looking for in a stylish package. Take a good long look at Dynasty.

                         BK Zook 588Z
                    Yardley Big Step B382
                              Miss Yardley X18

DRSS Dynasty 182E
                        Caddy Shack
            Miss Yardley T42
                                    Miss Yardley R122 

 BW:95 lbs  WW:706 lbs  YW: 1327 lbs 

 12 mths - 39cm        22 mths - 45cm

CED    BW    WW    YW    MK    TM    CEM
​   6        3.7      70       96      5        40         2  
Top 2% of the breed for weaning and yearling weight epd's

Semen is exportable to the USA, Australia and Canada.